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Paying parking fees

There are three ways to pay parking fees at Moscow Domodedovo Airport:

Cash or bank card at a parking terminal:

  1. Insert the parking ticket into the parking terminal.
  2. Pay the displayed amount.
  3. Take your receipt, parking ticket, and change, if any.

Having difficulty paying or leaving the car park? Press the Help button. Airport staff member will assist you.


  1. Send an SMS with the following text [pdme space parking ticket number] to the short-dial number 7878.
  2. Within a minute, you will receive a payment code.
  3. Confirm the payment by sending an SMS with the received code to the short-dial number 7878.

SMS with the payment code must be sent within five minutes after receiving it. If you have not done so, request a new code.

Mobile app DME Parking (for Android and iOS smartphones)

  1. Download DME Parking app from Google Play or AppStore.
  2. Launch the app and enter the parking ticket number.
  3. Select a payment method: mobile payment (from your mobile account) or by bank card.
  4. Confirm the payment amount displayed on the screen.

Paying parking fees via the mobile app is available to subscribers of Beeline, MTS, and Megaphone.