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Background Information about Domodedovo:

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the largest airport in Russia and in the Eastern Europe by passenger traffic as of 2014. It falls into the category of the largest airports as per the category rating of the Airports Council International (ACI) and is the best airport in Russia and in the CIS according to Skytrax. In 2014 the total passenger traffic of this sky harbor amounted to more than 33 million.

Domodedovo Airport is the choice of Star Alliance and Oneworld, the leading global airline alliances, for making flights to Moscow. These days, 69 airlines make scheduled flights to Domodedovo Airport.

Flights from Domodedovo Airport are made to 229 destinations, 85 of which are unique for Moscow Region: one can travel to these destinations only from Domodedovo Airport.

Structure of page:


Domodedovo Airport offers favorable conditions for transfer passengers which enable to transfer conveniently and comfortably in a minimum of time.

If you are checked in to the final destination

Having arrived at Domodedovo Airport, please, proceed to the international/ domestic departure lounge specified in your boarding pass.

If you are checked in to Domodedovo Airport

Please, go through passport control, baggage claim terminal, customs control, then check in and go through the required preflight procedures.


Welcome to Moscow!

We are happy to welcome you in Moscow Domodedovo Airport! Please, follow the navigation signs and go through passport control, baggage claim terminal and customs control. Usually the entire procedure takes 30-40 minutes. If the passenger traffic is heavy, it may take more time.

Passport Control:

Please, get your passport ready and fill in a landing card (if you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation).


Please, check the number of your flight on the monitors in the baggage claim terminal to find the required baggage carousel.

Customs Control:

Please, go through customs control together with your baggage:

  • green channel if you have no declarable goods;
  • red channel if you have declarable goods.


You can take:

Buses and shuttles
It usually takes 23-20 minutes to get to Domodedovskaya underground station.

Aeroexpress Train
The nonstop train goes every 30 minutes during the day time to the downtown of Moscow (Paveletsky railway station). Travel time is 40-50 minutes.
Fare | Schedule

Commuter Train
Commuter train goes to Paveletsky railway station with all stops en route. Travel time is more than one hour.
Fare | Schedule

You can book a taxi at special desks.

Please, be ware of using of services of private carriers.


International and domestic departure lounges are located in the same terminal.

Animals and Plants:

If you have plants or animals with you, please, go through phytosanitary or veterinary control prior to flight check-in.

Carry-on and Baggage:

Please, note that safety regulations with respect to allowed carry-on and baggage apply in the Russian Federation.


Please, check in via the Internet on the web-site of your airline or in the airport at the check-in counters. Number of the required check-in counter is displayed on the departure board in the Passenger Terminal.

If you take an international flight, check-in usually starts 2-3 hours before departure. If you take a domestic flight, check-in usually starts 1-2 hours before departure. Close-out time is usually no late than 40 minutes before departure.

Please, find out check-in and close-out time in advance.

After checking-in, please, go through the required preflight procedures: customs and passport control (if you departure from the Russian Federation) and preflight inspection.


If you need assistance in the airport, please, notify your airline in advance and when arrived at the airport, please, contact 24/7 Assistance Service for passengers with reduced mobility by phone number +7 495 797-46-53 or use special assistance call terminals.

Our assistance service staff will meet you and render assistance in going through the required procedures both on departure and arrival at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.


The shopping center is located on the 2nd floor of the Passenger Terminal of Domodedovo. Besides, there are cafes, bars and shops are located in the international and domestic departure lounges.


Aerohotel is located 600 meters from the Passenger Terminal.


Please feel free to contact the Meeting Point desk with any questions. The Meeting Point desk is located in the central area of the Passenger Terminal.

Information desk: +7 495 933-66-66

Emergency aid:

Police: +7 495 967-82-78
Medical station:+7 495 504-02-49, +7 495 504-02-48

Arrival/ departure:

Lost and Found office: +7 495 504-02-58 (domestic flights),
+7 495 504-02-85 (international flights)
Customs office:+7 495 276-06-43
Border check point:+7 495 504-02-33
Migration control office:+7 495 967-84-12 (extension: 2-85-65)
Consular office:+7-916-856-24-71
Veterinary control office:+7 495 967-83-96, +7 967 141-18-53
Phytosanitary control office:+7 495 967-89-02
Sanitary and quarantine, control office:+7 495 642-88-31
(extension: 2-07-59, 2-84-02)

Services in the airport:

24/7 Assistance Service for passengers with reduced mobility:+7 495 797-46-53
Baby care room:+7 495 967-83-63 (interno: 2-62-37)
Left luggage office:+7 495 663-50-25
VIP lounge:+7 495 504-02-67, +7 495 504-02-95

Service quality control:

8 800 200-33-66, feedback@dme.ru


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