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14 October 2019

Moscow Domodedovo Airport equipped baby care rooms with cribs

Moscow Domodedovo installed cribs and baby monitors in baby care rooms. Now passengers with children of age before three years old can enjoy their time in the airport as well as a comfortable environment to put a baby to sleep. More...

10 October 2019

Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and SWISS extend contract with Domodedovo airport for five more years

Following a full assessment of all major airports in Moscow, Lufthansa Group hub carriers Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS have made the decision to continue operations at Domodedovo airport. Furthermore, the partnership contract with the airport operator has been extended for another five years, until 2025. Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Dmitry Kamenshchik, Chairman of the Board, Moscow Domodedovo Airport, have met today at Domodedovo airport to further discuss this cooperation. More...

30 September 2019

Moscow Domodedovo hosted its first open yoga session

On September 29, Moscow Domodedovo Airport conducted its first open yoga session to celebrate World Heart Day. More...

26 September 2019

Domodedovo Airport revealed the list of best on-time performers in August 2019

Moscow Domodedovo airport named the most on-time airlines in August 2019. The air hub conducts the punctuality contest on a monthly basis. More...

25 September 2019

Moscow Domodedovo has unveiled airport 3D maps offering route planning

Moscow Domodedovo Airport added interactive maps to its official app. Passengers can use the new feature to find their way around the airport. For instance, the app can generate a route from a car park to a check-in desk and then to the gate. More...

19 September 2019

Moscow Domodedovo started offering a personal transfer service

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has launched a new service for passengers at dme.ru. More...

26 August 2019

Domodedovo Airport named the most punctual partner airlines in July 2019

Moscow Domodedovo Airport revealed the list of best on-time performers in July 2019. The airport conducts the punctuality contest on a monthly basis. More...

22 August 2019

Air Astana to shift flights to Moscow Domodedovo

Air Astana, the flag carrier of the Republic of Kazakhstan, announced the full transfer of Kazakhstan-Moscow services to Domodedovo Airport. The airline will launch services on October 27. More...

15 August 2019

Siberia Airlines’ aircraft in a green livery arrives at Moscow Domodedovo

S7 Airlines has temporarily returned to its former name Siberia Airlines as a part of the “We Are Siberia” initiative. More...

06 August 2019

Smartavia records its millionth DME passenger in 2019

Smartavia and Moscow Domodedovo Airport congratulated its millionth passenger this year. A passenger traveling to Ulan-Ude from Moscow became the lucky one. The airline provided all passengers of the jubilee flight with sweet gifts. More...