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15 February 2019

Moscow Domodedovo Airport gave a new life to the left behind books

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has made books left behind in its terminals by passengers freely available in the departure area. Now travelers can enjoy the reading & bookcrossing* zone in one of Russia’s busiest airports. More...

14 February 2019

Moscow Domodedovo Airport opened a flyover with a drop-off zone

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has built an overpass with a convenient drop-off and pick-up zone located just 30 meters from the terminal. More...

05 February 2019

The photography exhibition "Art that flies" opened at Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Moscow Domodedovo Airport collaborated with Embraer company to present unique photographs of E-JET E2 airplanes’ line-up at “Art that flies” exhibition. On planes’ fuselage, an art designer portrayed animals resembling E2 qualities – an eagle, a tiger, and a shark. More...

10 December 2018

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is Russia’s first airport to buy T-72 tank based armored recovery vehicle

Moscow Domodedovo Airport obtained an armored recovery vehicle (BREM-1), developed from a T-72 tank. The machines were custom-built by Rostec’s UralVagonZavod. Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the first in Russia to acquire a civilian version of the vehicle. More...

31 October 2018

Direct Oman Air flight to Domodedovo has connected Muscat and Moscow for the first time

On Tuesday Moscow Domodedovo Airport welcomed the first regular passenger flight to Moscow from Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. The unique destination has been inaugurated by Oman Air – the award winning national carrier for the Sultanate of Oman – which has entered the Russian market for the first time. More...

26 October 2018

The best airline in Africa - Ethiopian Airlines - has chosen Domodedovo for its flights to Moscow

Moscow Domodedovo Airport welcomes on the 6th of December the first regular flight from the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. The new route is being launched by Ethiopian Airlines which was ranked the Best Airline in Africa by Skytrax. More...

27 September 2018

Domodedovo airport will use robots to handle early check-in baggage

Moscow Domodedovo airport and Vanderlande finished the testing period of BAGSTORE - the automated system for early check-in baggage storage. It’s the first airport in Russia to use Vanderlande’s robotic automated complex for storage and baggage retrieval. More...

20 June 2018

The first flight welcomed at the new segment of Domodedovo terminal

Moscow Domodedovo Airport and its partner air company AZUR air welcomed the first passengers at the T2 – the new segment of the passenger terminal at Domodedovo Airport. More...

10 June 2018

Tickets for World Cup matches can be printed out at Domodedovo Airport.

10 June, 2018. Domodedovo, Moscow region. Football fans can print out their World Cup match tickets at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. The ticket collection office is open in the international arrivals hall daily from 10:00 to 20:00. More...

09 June 2018

Useful information for World Cup 2018 guests on Domodedovo airport's website

Dear friends, we've collected the most important and useful information here, to make your arrival and stay at worlds championship as comfortable as possible. More...