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31 March 2020

At a safe distance: Domodedovo has installed special markings to help passengers keep up with the social distancing prescription

Moscow Domodedovo provides passengers with information on coronavirus protection measures via audio-visual channels. The airport has put posters in departure and arrival halls, while its audio messages are played waver 15 minutes. More...

19 March 2020

Moscow Domodedovo Served About 4 Million Passengers in the First Two Months of 2020

Moscow Domodedovo Airport welcomed almost 4 million passengers in the first two months of 2020, a 15% year-to-year rise. More...

20 February 2020

Moscow Domodedovo Launches its Online Exhibition “In the Icy Arms of the Southern Continent”

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has introduced its online exhibition “In the Icy Arms of the Southern Continent” mark 200 years since the discovery of Antarctica by Russian explorers Fabian Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev. More...

11 February 2020

Moscow Domodedovo Airport and S7 Airlines are the first in Russia to sort cabin waste

Moscow Domodedovo Airport and S7 Airlines have pioneered the introduction of a sustainable approach to waste management in Russia. Thanks to the joint initiative, the airport will sort and process for further recycling approximately 45 tons of cardboard, plastic, and polythene monthly. More...

04 February 2020

Domodedovo rolls out DME Live 2.0 update

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has released DME Live 2.0 update, featuring new interactive levels. Available in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, the app invites users to manage one of the largest air hubs in Russia. More...

31 January 2020

Moscow Domodedovo has launched an online duty-free shop

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has digitalized its sales of goods and services. More...

21 January 2020

Passengers from Germany, Belarus and the UK are the most active Wi-Fi users at Domodedovo

In 2019, total Wi-Fi traffic at Moscow Domodedovo Airport amounted to 256 terabytes. More...

10 January 2020

Domodedovo Airport launches an online Customs Declaration Service

Domodedovo Airport has introduced a new online platform to declare goods and currencies, designed for individuals, crossing Russia’s customs border. More...

05 December 2019

Moscow Domodedovo celebrates its renewed name with polonaise and chemistry experiments

Domodedovo Airport has launched a themed zone, named the Area of Discoveries. It is devoted to Russia’s great scientist Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. Moscow Domodedovo now honors the polymath under the Presidential Decree More...

26 November 2019

Domodedovo Airport is testing cleaning robots

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is piloting the cleaning robots. The initiative aims to improve automation of the air hub operations More...