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Customs control

ТCustoms control at Moscow Domodedovo Airport is carried out by
Domodedovo Customs Office of the Federal Customs Service of Russian Federation.

Import and export of goods

Russian Federation is a member state of the Customs Union, whose single territory covers the territories of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation. Movement of goods across the border of the Customs Union is regulated by the legislation of the Customs Union.

Rules governing movement of goods across the border of the Customs Union
can be found at the Domodedovo Customs Office's website:

Filling out the customs declaration

You can fill out your passenger declaration online with our service.

After filling the form, a UIN number will be assigned to your declaration. As a part of the customs control at the airport, you would need to provide this number to the customs officer when passing through the red corridor. No paper form is required in this case.