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Fast Track + (ANTIVIRUS)

Fast Track + (ANTIVIRUS) - assisting a passenger by the airport representative with pre-flight inspection along a specially designated corridor, as well as serving in the business lounge (remote sector) and providing personal protective equipment.

This service is only for domestic flights passengers.

What is included in Fast Track+ (ANTIVIRUS)?*

  • An airport representative will meet you at entrance 3 inside the passenger terminal;
  • An airport representative will provide you with personal protective equipment (medical mask and gloves);
  • An airport representative will accompany you during the passage of airport procedures, including check-in and pre-flight screening;
  • You will be given access to the airport business lounge in a designated area;
  • Individual delivery to the side will be arranged in comfortable transport (if the aircraft is in a remote parking lot).

*This service is not available in the Transfer zone.

Additional options:

Order porter for assistance with baggage and carry-on baggage

Assistance in the airport territory/ DME parking

Additional Information

When ordering additional options, please call us at +7 (495) 933-66-66 / +7 (495) 504-02-95 minutes before arrival at the airport, providing the place of arrival, main signs (if available, model and number of car).
Also note:
- the “Airport procedures assistance service” does not include accelerated pre-flight / after-flight procedures;
- the services “Providing a porter” and “assisting a passenger in the forecourt area” are additional options and are not provided separately.


The service is paid in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on the date of payment.
Product name Amount (base tariff) without VAT Rate VAT Amount (base tariff) with VAT Tariff Start Date Tariff expiration date
Fast Track + (ANTIVIRUS)

Children under 2 years old - 0 rubles.
51,67 USD 20% 62 USD 15.06.2022 14.06.2023
Porter provision
(until check-in section)
14,17 USD 20% 17 USD 15.06.2022 14.06.2023
Porter provision
(until boarding gates)
14,17 USD 20% 17 USD 15.06.2022 14.06.2023
The assistance of a passenger in the airport territory*

Children under 2 years old - 0 rubles.
8,33 USD 20% 10 USD 13.07.2022 12.07.2023
* When submitting a one-time application for a group of passengers departing / arriving on the same flight and arriving at a single time at the airport, a discount of 50% is given for each next passenger in the group.

Calculate the price and purchase the Fast Track + (ANTIVIRUS) service you can via the link or at the information desk (Meeting Point) in the passenger terminal.


When can I purchase a service?

The service can be purchased no later than 1.5 hour before arrival at the airport and 1 hour at least before the departure time.

Can children use this service?

Yes, only accompanied by adults. For unaccompanied children, the service «Unaccompanied minors» is available.

What class of passengers can use the Fast Track + service (ANTIVIRUS)?

The Fast Track + service (ANTIVIRUS) is provided to passengers on domestic flights of any service class, regardless of the airline.

Is this service available for passengers on international flights?

Currently, the service is only available to passengers of domestic flights. We will definitely inform you about the launch of a service for passengers of international flights.