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For the convenience of passengers and visitors, Moscow Domodedovo Airport has offices of Sberbank of Russia, several cash desks, exchange offices, and ATMs.

Opening hours: around the clock, seven days a week.


Please note!

There are no ATMs on the airside. If you need cash, use ATMs before security.

On Levels 1 and 2 of the Terminal, you will find ATMs of the following banks: Sberbank of Russia, Zapsibcombank, Nomos Bank, SMP Bank, Russian Regional Development Bank, Promsvyazbank.

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Payment terminals

Payment terminals are located at -1, 1 and 2 floors of Domodedovo passenger terminal.

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Bank office

Level 2 of the Terminal

Sberbank of Russia offers following banking services in its office at Moscow Domodedovo Airport:

  • currency exchange;
  • money transfers in Russia and abroad;
  • insurance programs for cardholders, real estate, car, life and health insurance;
  • lending: cash, mortgage, car loans;
  • term deposits in rubles, US dollars, and euros;
  • debit and credit cards, social security and loyalty cards;
  • management of retirement savings.

Cash desks and exchange offices

Level 1 of the Terminal, VIP Lounge

Passengers and visitors are welcome to use cash desks at Moscow Domodedovo Airport:
OAO MKB DOM-BANK, OOO KB Financial Standard and Global Exchange

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Cash desks perform following foreign exchange transactions:

  • purchase and sale of exchange in cash;
  • purchase and sale of payment instruments in a foreign currency for rubles, sale and payment against payment instruments in a foreign currency in cash**;
  • deposit of cash and payment instruments in a foreign currency;
  • cash withdrawals in foreign currency and/or rubles from credit and debit cards, deposit of foreign currency to private credit and debit card bank accounts***;
  • private money transfers without opening an account.
*Major currencies - US dollar and euro - other currencies on request.
**Banks process all kinds of checks, including international travelers' checks.
***Banks are connected to the following payment systems: VISA, Eurocard/MasterCard, UnionCard, JCB, Diners Club.

Municipal Commercial Bank DOM-BANK:
Terminal Level 1, VIP Lounge
International arrivals area
Domestic arrivals area
Terminal Level 1 (to the right of Entrance 3)

Bank Onego:
Terminal Level 1, international arrivals area
Terminal Level 1, international arrivals area